Inaugural Award for Life Member

June 1, 2024 | General

On 20 May 2024, our President, Narelle Langridge, presented Audrey Walsh with her “Life Member” badge and certificate.  Audrey has been a very dedicated member of the Illawarra Cancer Carers for over 30 years and Narelle thanked her for her distinguished and voluntary service to the Illawarra Cancer Carers.

Audrey was completely blown away at the presentation of her award, and went on to say, “My Life Membership of the Illawarra Cancer Carers was something I had never given a thought to, knowing that everyone in the Carers are just as important as me.  We are all part of a team.  However, I shall wear it with pride and will be happy when others join me in their acknowledgement of 30 years’ service.”

“I was just lucky to become a member in the early stages of the group and had the opportunity to get lots of things organised.  There were so many dedicated Carers in those early days, each taking on a role, and we are lucky that this dedication and role taking has continued to this day.  With all our current Carers we go from strength to strength.”

“My very sincere thanks to you all.”

Recipients of this award must have 30 active years of service and future presentations will be made each year at our Annual General Meetings to those members who qualify.