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How To Donate

You can donate to us by sending a cheque to Illawarra Cancer Carers P.O. Box 1659 Wollongong 2500

You can donate on this page by clicking the donate button. Using your credit card or with PAYPAL the safest way to buy online.

Donations to the Illawarra Cancer Carers are tax deductible .

Thank you for your generous donation a receipt will be posted to shortly. the Illawarra Cancer Carers appreciate your support.

Leave a Bequest

Leaving a bequest is easy

You can help us by including a gift in your Will to the Illawarra Cancer Carers. It is a simple process that could make a real difference.

  • If you do not have a Will, the first thing you need to do is get some legal advice for creating one. If you don't have a solicitor you can contact The Public Trustee NSW.
  • If you already have a Will, then all you need to do is add a codicil – a short legal amendment to your existing Will.
  • A simple way to leave a bequest is to include a residuary gift. This means that a percentage or the remainder of your estate can be left to the Illawarra Cancer Carers after your family and other beneficiaries have been taken care of.

Donated equipment

We have donated  over 2.5 million dollars to Cancer Care and research in the Illawarra.

  • We have no paid staff and do not pay commission to anyone.
  • Our cost are extremely low we do not have offices or other overheads.
  • Our cost to raise funds at our major fundraiser in 2010 was 5.5 cents in the dollar to raise over $177,000 dollars.
  • Your donations will stay in the Illawarra  and will not be eaten  up with overheads.


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