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Your donations at work

The Cancer Carers have just purchased an Olympus Co2 insulfator for the Wollongong Hospital Operating Theatres. Below is a letter from a surgeon at the Hospital explaining it will help him and save patients a second operation.

"Our new CO2 insufflator for our colonoscope.

The CO2 adaptor allows us to perform colonoscopy either during an operation or directly before it. The CO2 is quite a soluble gas so it quickly dissolves and the bowel becomes decompressed. This allows us much more room to work within the abdominal cavity.

Having the CO2 adaptor gives us lot more flexibility. Tumours which are not apparent within the operation can be found quickly with the colonoscope. Having the CO2 adaptor allows us to then progress with the operation immediately.

The CO2 adaptor has a second safety role in preventing over distension of the colon in long intra-luminal procedures. We now can operate through the anus to remove low superficial rectal tumours with a lower risk of over distending the bowel upstream.

These two features certainly will improve our ability to manage colorectal cancer  in the Illawarra.

Thank you very much for purchasing this for Wollongong Operating Theatres.



Dr Robert Winn

Spring Clean Your Life

The Illawarra Cancer Carers were present at the Cancer Support Group's Seminar. Workng hard on the craft Stall. Lorraine, Marie,Jean and Maria

Spring Clean Your Life.

Floriade 2011

A group of Cancer Carers enjoyed a trip to Floriade at Canberra. It was a wonderful day Organised by Maree Davidson our Bus driver was Peter Brown. Keep an eyeon our newsletter for more trips with your fellow Cancer Carers.

20th Anniversary Morning Tea SESIAHS

The following article and photograph by Greg Ellis is reproduced with permission of the Illawarra Mercury

Partnership: Lorraine Davidson, SESIAHS chief executive Terry Clout, director of nursing Nicole Sheppard, Professor
Phil Clingan, Audrey Walsh and Sue Maidman at the morning tea for Illawarra Cancer Carers volunteers

Cancer Carers’ role praised

The Illawarra’s largest employer is thanking 235 volunteers who help care for cancer patients in the region every week.

Their work is considered so important that South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service (SESIAHS) Chief Executive, Terry Clout, hosted a morning tea for Illawarra Cancer Carers volunteers.

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Funds pave way for Cancer drug.

The following article by Emma Shaw is reproduced with permission of the Illawarra Mercury

Funds pave way for cancer drug

FUNDS raised by Illawarra Cancer Carers have been crucial in developing a ground-breaking new treatment at the University of Wollongong.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide, affecting just under one million people.  It has one of the highest mortality rates among cancers, with more than half of affected patients dying.

Drugs used to treat the cancer have side-effects such as neuropathic pain, vein inflammation and nausea, becoming so severe that many patients discontinue treatment and the cancer progresses.

But now researchers collaborating in the University

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Peter Hanbury enjoying his auction purchase on Pittwater cruising and eating plus the galley slaves.
Peter Hanbury enjoying his auction item
20th Anniversary Dinner Celebration
Fay O'Donnell
Carers plus 15 years


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