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Any questions contact David Beeten (42831545)                         The AGM identified issues with our present membership structure. Many members are unsure of when their memberships are due. Keeping records for this is needlessly complicated. For these reasons the AGM unanimously passed a motion for all memberships to be 3 years ($15) and for rationalizing commencement date for all members. The Committee was given the responsibility of working out the logistics.  The   Committee has decided that the date for all renewals will be 1st July 2013. All memberships would then be for 3 years and all fall due for renewal on the same date - 1st July 2016 – and every three years thereafter. Members will be individually informed of the amount due on 1/7/13. For those who had       one year left on their membership it would cost $10 (they get credit for the $5 left); for those with two years left it would cost $5 (they get credit for the $10 left); and for any others it would cost $15.

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