What we do

The Illawarra Cancer Carers Inc is a properly constituted organisation whose books are audited each year. It is a highly effective and efficient organisation with no paid co-ordinator and over 230 volunteers.

The most important aspect of our work is the care and support we give to Cancer patients who attend the Cancer Care Centre - Wollongong Hospital; those hospitalised in Ward C7 – Oncology; and other areas treating/helping cancer patients. We have also provided infusion pumps for patients who are able to carry on their normal duties whilst receiving the required chemotherapy treatment at home, thus avoiding having to come to the Cancer Care Centre. Our ladies make special cushions for the Breast Cancer Patients and we maintain a supply of turbans for any Cancer patient.

Drivers are available to drive patients (who have no private transport of their own), to and from the Cancer Care Centre who attend for treatment.  The cost of this service varies. Our volunteer drivers have to date, transported over 16,500 patients for treatment. We also give support to the families of cancer patients.

You will notice that we have donated a large sum of money towards Professors Clingan and Bremner’s research program being conducted at Wollongong University into a new chemotherapy drug. This is aimed to be more effective with fewer side effects than those currently being prescribed. This research on track and is progressing well.

During the years we have also assisted several of the oncology specialist sisters/nurses with funds so that they can attend staff development/training courses conducted outside the Illawarra Area Health region - this has included courses held overseas.

In addition, each month the Cancer Carers cook biscuits  for patients and their Carers.

Our financial assistance to patients who suddenly find they have lost their job because of cancer relieves them of added stress of how they will pay for food for their families. This assistance is given on a temporary basis until help from Centrelink and other organisations is established.

From the above you will see that wherever we see a need that will assist Cancer patients, we help by making monies available for the necessary equipment provided it is within our financial situation. The oncology staff know that they can approach us for major equipment that will help cancer patients and we will do our best to cater for those needs.


Fundraising events:

Monies are raised through our bi-monthly (6 per year), Market Days held at the Hospital and Cancer Care Centre.

Other fundraising events are: an annual Banquet at the Beach and auction; annual Major Raffle; the sale of Christmas Gourmet Food; a Charity Golf Day; Christmas Wrapping at a shopping centre; other minor functions such as the selling of craft items and various minor raffles. We also receive donations from business,patients and their families.

Another important aspect of our fundraising is the collection of corks. There are many people and organisations in the Illawarra and beyond who collect corks for us. If you are not collecting why not help us to help others? To get further information ' Geoff Failes 
4271 5226 who can give you further information about this.


I trust that the above helps to give a clear picture of the benefits of our fundraising to Cancer patients in the Illawarra. None of this would be possible without the wonderful assistance that we get from so many people and organisations in the Illawarra. Their generosity cannot be underestimated and, for all they do in so many ways; we are most grateful.


Major Award:

The Illawarra Cancer Carers were the very proud recipients of the prestigious Wollongong University’s inaugural Chancellor’s Award for Achievement in Community Service for 2007.


Should you require any further details please do not hesitate to ring President, Secretary, Audrey Walsh (4229 8872) or Committee Member, Maria Wilson (4296 4007).


Audrey Walsh



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