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Do you have some free time at all on your hands? Would you like to join a group of people who are friendly, community minded and concerned for the welfare of others? If so, why not join the Illawarra Cancer Carers, by becoming one of our VOLUNTEERS? We can be contacted The Secretary P.O Box 1659 Wollongong 2500 to get an aplication form.

You are assured of a welcome. We would be interested to hear of any special talent or interest you may have and so find the aspect of our work most suited to you.

Regardless of whether you are young or old, male or female, fat or thin, shy or bold, we would be interested to hear from you. We recognise older people to have experience and expertise; the young to have energy, fresh ideas and lots of enthusiasm.

There are various areas in which you would be able to help us. This is how we operate:

  • We work mostly in pairs, so you won’t be lonely or apprehensive
  • Each weekday we give cups of tea/coffee and support to cancer patients in the Cancer Care Centre.
  • We also work in the Oncology Ward giving hand/foot massages to patients, as well as giving emotional support as required and cups of tea/coffee for their visitors
  • We offer a driving service for those patients needing treatment but are without transport

If you prefer to become involved in other activities, we have:

  • A SEWING GROUP meeting three times a month to make items for our Market Stalls that are held in the Hospital, Cancer Care Centre and in other outside locations to raise funds to assist the treatment of cancer patients in the Illawarra.
  • We also make TURBANS, BREAST CANCER CUSHIONS,  etc for the patients..
  • We hold a MAJOR FUNDRAISER annually, called “BANQUET AT THE BEACH”. We hold a MAJOR RAFFLE annually, and sell tickets to the wider community. Many of our Carers become involved with the sub-committee that is needed to make these two events so successful.
  • We hold BARBEQUES and do GIFT WRAPPING at Christmas in a major shopping Centre.

There are numerous activities awaiting you that will fit your professionalism, skills, interests and availability. You just have to take the first step and you will find the kind of satisfaction you may never before have experienced - and it comes from the helping of others in distress. There is no class or race distinction with cancer.