2020 Banquet at the Beach

Sunday 26th July 2020

   A beautiful 5 course meal will be served with all the delights you have come to expect.

We are still looking for a raft of balloon prizes worth $40 or more and we would dearly love some special items to auction that are worth over $1,000.00.

For donations and tickets contact

Craig Conway  0418 303999 EMAIL

Heather Cunningham  Ph.0403006319 EMAIL

Celebrating 30 years of supporting patients and their families who attend the Cancer Care Centre and Ward C7 at Wollongong Hospital. Additionally, there is provision for infusion pumps for patients, allowing them to continue with their normal duties whilst receiving the required chemotherapy treatment at home. Drivers are available to drive patients (who have no private transport of their own), to and from the Cancer Care Centre who attend for treatment. Our volunteer drivers have to date, transported over 16,500 patients for treatment. The Craft Ladies assist with the making of special cushions for breast cancer patient and we maintain a supply of turbans for any cancer patient.
All of these things, plus funds provided to Professors Clingan and associated researchers, at Wollongong University for the development of new ways to treat cancer, including a new chemotherapy drug, designed effective with fewer side effects than those available, are only made possible with the assistance of the local community and supporters of the Annual Banquet at the Beach
So, save the date; start gathering items which can be used for prizes; get out your party gear and get ready to help celebrate our birthday!
Stay tuned for further details and keep an eye out for your invitation to help celebrate 30 years of service to the Community
If you have any items suitable for this event, large or small, please contact Heather Cunningham – 0403 006 319, it is not to early to start collecting
The Banquet Committee would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you for your ongoing support and assistance and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you during 2020; the year to make a difference, 100% Volunteer, 100% Local
Craig Conway Banquet Chairman  0418 303 999

 We a proud to announce that once again our Banquet will be held at

     City Beach Function Centre and proudly supported by Mr Jim Eddy and Family

More information soon